Through the medium of this World Wide Web (herein after called Web-Refer), Web-Refer only means to bring together qualified Translators on one side and Private Persons or Organisations on the other aiming to have texts translated from a language into another one, which languages are listed on Web-Refer.

Any information related to these Translators, Private Persons or Organisations and available on Web-Refer is provided by these only. It is the Translators, Private Persons or Organisations responsibility to guarantee and verify the legality, honesty and accuracy of their respective information and to provide such legal, honest and accurate information.

The Translators, Private Persons or Organisations herewith explicitly recognise and accept to use loyally, faithfully and lawfully the means of Web-Refer and recognise and accept that any contacts they may established whichever way they may be, have as sole purpose to translate, correct or revise texts. Any other activities which may be perceived as illegal or unlawful may be refused by the Translator or Web-Refer.

Web-Refer and the Translators herewith acknowledge and agree that any written or electronic materials provided by a Private Person or an Organisation for translation, correction or revision purposes remain the propriety of the aforesaid Private Person or Organisation, except his consent obtained in advance. Both Web-Refer and the Translators agree not to disclose to any party any information they receive through such written or electronic materials, except illegal or unlawful practices.

Therefore, it is important to remind that this server constitutes a way of exchanging information some of which comes from external sources.

Consequently, Web-Refer is in no event liable for the legality and / or validity of the information and data presented, broadcast, transmitted or retrieved on its site. They are transmitted at the sole liability of the user. In the same way, the information and data broadcast from the web sites or web pages of Web-Refer’s users or through hyperlinks are transmitted at the sole liability of the user.

Web-Refer accepts no express or implied liability for the accuracy, completeness or updating-terms of the information available on the server or introduced to it by its information providers, neither for the commercial value of it. So, we advise you to make no decision on the base of this information before having verified it. Only you shall be liable for the use you decide to make of it.

Neither Web-Refer, nor its shareholders or subsidiaries, or any of its directors, managers, employees, members, agents or consultants shall have no third-party liability for any loss, damages, costs or expenses arising from errors, omissions or alterations, either its own or its information providers' or from a loss resulting from a non-authorised access or any other use linked to the system that provides the information.